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A fixed or controllable glass louvre external solar shading system reduces solar heat gain and glare in interior spaces without compromising daylight. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.







Colt Shadoglass is a fixed or controllable external glazed solar shading system, able to be installed vertically or horizontally in front of the façade. Product can reduce solar heat gain and glare by louvres which reflect radiation while maximising use of natural daylight.

Product's thermal benefits allow for significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning to be achieved, improving building comfort and reducing associated electricity consumption, HVAC, plant size and greenhouse gas emissions while still allowing high daylight penetration particularly for integrated daylight managed lighting systems.

Photovoltaic cells may be integrated into the glass louvers, either laminated onto the reverse side of the glass panels or between the two sheets of a safety glass, so as to obtain further energy benefits. Support and control components are made from aluminium, a high embodied energy material, and stainless steel.

Product is available in various colours, finishes and coatings. There are five standard systems in the Shadoglass range.


Information last verified on: 14th July 2008

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