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ClearComfort insulation is a tough, transparent membrane that attaches to your window frame to enclose an insulating layer of air. It is suitable for all types of windows.








ClearComfort intelligent window insulation traps a layer of air between the existing glass and a thin transparent polymer sheet. This air acts as insulation and reduces the amount of heat going out of the window in winter and reduces the amount of heat coming through the window in summer. The ClearComfort system performs as well as clear double glazing. This means you can increase your timber framed window.

The main advantages of the ClearComfort system are:

  • Has a low U value
  • Has a high solar heat gain coefficient
  • Reduces home heating and cooling costs.
  • Warmer in winter.
  • Cooler in summer.
  • High transparency to daylight
  • Energy Performance rating (star rating).


Information last verified on: 19th May 2010

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