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ACQ treated plantation pine sleepers & fencing.









ACQ treated fences, poles & sleepers are branded as 'Ironwood-ACQ'.

ACQ (ammoniacal copper quaternary) is a preservative, fungicide and insecticide suitable for H1-H5 applications. It can be used as a replacement for CCA (which contains copper, chromium and arsenic) for most applications with the exception of marine exposure (e.g. quay piles).

It is one of the compounds being used in place of CCA in many countries including the US and Japan.

Unlike CCA, ACQ contains no arsenic/chromium compounds which have toxicity concerns associated with its use and disposal. It may be burnt and mulched. Availability for most applications is now improving slowly. It is paintable.

Also of note, its does not turn the timber the 'green' colour associated with CCA. A slight brown paint instead.

In the current wake of recent bans on the use of CCA treated timbers in some uses, ACQ's use is on the rise.

Information last verified 8th February 2011

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