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Cetco - Volclay Voltex Bentonite Geotextile Waterproofing System


Low toxicity waterproofing membranes and joint sealer









Bentonite based geotextile waterproofing membranes and joint sealers. Bentonite has an ability to swell when hydrated to provide an impermeable barrier to moisture. The Bentonite is encapsulated between two geotextiles. Can be cut on-site.

Applications: Earth covered roofs, split slab decks, basements, cellars, dams and lagoons. Claimed Environmental Improvements: Can be applied without the need of solvent based adhesives, heat or welding.

Bentonite is a naturally inert material, being a mineral formed from volcanic ash and saltwater. All products are zero VOC. Companion product Swelltite eliminates the need for release paper.

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Information last verified on: 06th January 2011

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