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In the waterproofing industry, the traditional approach has been to apply external membranes or surface treatments to the concrete as external barriers so as to prevent the ingress of water, which have only a temporary life span and required periodic replacement or maintenance. Consequently, more conventional, typically damaging products are being used. Absorbed water is also the only common denominator in all 11 mechanisms of concrete corrosion.

Cementaid HPITM / Cementaid Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredients (HPI) are concrete additives that achieve waterproof and membrane-free structural concrete using alternative means. When dosed into concrete during batching, once hardened, it blocks interstitial pores and works as a permanent waterproofing system to lift systems, basement structures as well as podiums and roofs in buildings, tanks, pools, tunnels and other water retaining structures. Cementaid HPITM makes the cement matrix non-absorptive/hydrophobic, therefore the concrete interior remains permanently dry, providing protection against concrete corrosion attack. Concrete durability and life span is significantly enhanced, including under severe marine, chemical or industrial service environments.

Cementaid manufacture three HPI products: Everdure Caltite, 3CC and Aquapel. Each of these ingredients is dosed at different rates and provides hydrophobic pore-blocking capability to varying degrees, depending on service requirements. Providing the highest level of waterproofing, Everdure Caltite is dosed at the highest rate and additionally provides polymer particles to physically block capillaries and pores subject to hydrostatic pressure. This is followed by 3CC and then Aquapel.

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