Product Detail

Ceilite - Therma-Ceil, Com-Ceil, Econ-Ceil, Sound-Ceil, Therma-Ceil, Tri-Ceil

Ceilite's products are constructed with a polystyrene core and a pure aluminum foil backing. They are light weight, self supporting, and water resistant insulated panels with fire retardant properties that the manufacturer claims reflects 97% of radiant heat. The manufacturer claims that it is able to reduce home heating and cooling costs by 30%. On Ceilite's website it is advertised that these products are made from recycled products.

Therma-Ceil Insulated Ceiling Tiles have a polystyrene core and aluminum foil backing similar to insulation panel products along with a vinyl finish on one side. These ceiling tiles are applied in commercial buildings as a suspended ceiling. These products are lightweight and are used for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Product Certification

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