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STRUCTAflor Terminator is termite protected structural grade particleboard sheet flooring for use in domestic and residential buildings. It is particularly suited to platform construction (where the floor is laid prior to erection of walls) as well as fitted floor construction.







STRUCTAflor Terminator provides cost-effective, long-term defence against termite damage and just like STRUCTAflor it is a great surface for all floor coverings including vinyl, ceramic, quarry, slate, parquet and carpet.


  • Protected against termite damage - treated in accordance with Australian Standards
  • Added weather protection with its hardwearing resin enriched surface
  • Easy to identify sheet thickness by tongue colour
    • Yellow = 19mm
    • Red = 22mm
    • Blue = 25mm
  • Inbuilt moisture protection for cut sheets - wax impregnation throughout
  • Manufactured from Australian plantation pine
  • Moisture ingress minimised with edge wax seal

STRUCTAflor Terminator is treated with permethrin. Please see Termite Management Systems in Glossary.


Information last verified on 7th January 2011

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