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A composite wood decking board made of recycled wood fibres and polymers and suitable for internal and external use in residential and commercial applications.








BriteDeck™is available as a decking board and fascia board and is a composite graded wood product which has the appearance of natural timber boards. The product is easy to install and requires no nails or due to a hidden fastening system. Furthermore, it can be installed using normal wood working tools.

The prodcut is available in two main forms:

BriteDeck™Decking Board - solid full length decking boards 140mm wide, 32mm thick and 5800mm long.

BriteDeck™ Fascia Board - solid edging, facing product 196mm wide, 12.5mm thick and 3700mm long.

The product is available in a range of colours and finishes. It is colourfast, repairable and virtually maintenance free. BriteDeck™ has been produced for over a decade, formerly called "Life Long Decking".


Information last verified: 7th June 2011

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