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botton & gardiner's Urban Range of street furniture has been used throughout Australia for 15 years. The company now offers fully refurbished products coined Refurban Furniture. botton & gardiner developed this product using a product take-back scheme.







Their Urban Range street furniture that is at the end of its owner's usage cycle is traded in for reuse. It is then dismantled to recondition the components and reassembled to 'as new' condition barely distinguishable from equivalent newly manufactured products. The process provides for safe removal of the furniture, reduces landfill and redeploys the resources in the form they were originally intended without any reconstitution of materials.  Refurban Furniture is fully guaranteed and suitable for commercial and public authority urban space projects, parks, streetscapes, infrastructure, office developments, shopping centres and other public spaces.

An independent Life Cycle Inventory Analysis confirmed the benefits of reusing materials compared to virgin materials. CO2 emissions were found to be almost five times the amount for virgin materials compared to the reuse of materials after 50 years.

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