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Birrus Matting Systems – Ultramat, Duramat, Duragrit and Cocamat



The matting system combines aluminium extrusions with a selection of carpet and textured tread inserts, designed for use at the entrances for commercial, retail, government, community, industrial and residential buildings. The Birrus range of products comes with a 10-year warranty, with an expected lifetime of 15-30 years and beyond if properly installed and maintained.




The products are made out of aluminium extrusion frames with a choice of inserts available.

Birrus Matting Systems manufactures 4 products. These products are specified for use at entrances to commercial, government and community buildings. The mats can span up to 6 metres wide without joins however in larger applications or where joins are necessary they are hairline and go unnoticed. Birrus mats are suitable for recessed or surface mounted applications, as well as custom-made shapes and designs.

Ultramat is a matting system constructed from alternate treads of aluminium and nylon carpet running across the doorway. Ultramat offers a selection of carpet colours in a Loop Pile and Cut Pile.

Duramat is a matting system that is a highly effective alternative for heavier traffic areas. It has the same construction and styling as Ultramat but with treads consisting of heavy duty rubber.

Duragrit is a matting system that provides safe footing in high traffic areas exposed to water or slippery conditions.  The inserts are constructed of rubber with a slip resistant finish.

Cocamat is a matting system with 15mm natural coir inserts. The coir fibres stand 7-10mm above the aluminium treads and penetrate the crevice of shoe soles, removing loose dirt and moisture.

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