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Makrolon Multiwall is a polycarbonate glazing system, suitable for residential, commercial or industrial roofing and cladding applications.








Both sides of the Makrolon Multiwall sheet have a co-extruded UV barrier which provides protection from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, giving superior resistance to outdoor weathering. Made from Makrolon polycarbonate resin, Makrolon Multiwall ensures high impact strength, clarity and excellent weather resistance.

Makrolon Multiwall applications include pergolas, patios, carports, verandahs, skylights, gazebos, sunrooms or pool covers, shopping centres, sports complexes, screens, walls or greenhouse applications.

Use of glazing helps to minimise the heat transference from the sun's UV rays, while still allowing light through.  This reduces the need for energy consuming methods of lighting and cooling.

ecospecifier Issues of Concern / Red Lights

Product is unlikely to cause harmful effects in its purchased form. However, there are OH&S issues related to its manufacturing process. Product is made from polycarbonate based on bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a phenol based on benzene. Bisphenol-A is associated with level 2 R-phrases such as 'Risk of serious damage to eyes' and 'Harmful to aquatic organisms'. Preventative actions should be taken to eliminate the risk related to handling bisphenol-A.


Information last verified on: 07/02/2011

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