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ARMACELL Thailand Pty Ltd – Armaflex® FRV elastomeric foam insulation fire-tested for vertical pipes



Armaflex® FRV is a  flexible elastomeric insulation material that meets the performance criteria of NFPA 274. This test simulates a fire with multiple insulated pipes in a confined vertical configuration, and more stringently assesses the fire-safety performance of pipe insulation and assemblies in terms of heat release and smoke generation.

Full Description

Armaflex® FRV is a highly flexible, fibre-free insulation material made of nitrile rubber. Due to its closed-cell structure, the material has a high resistance to water vapour diffusion as well as a stable and low thermal conductivity.

This insulation material helps to reliably improve energy efficiency, and complies with the fire hazard property requirements of the National Construction Code, 2016, Volume One, Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2016 for insulation  used in all Class 2 to 9 buildings (Specification C1.10, Clause 7).

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