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Autochlor™ is a low level salt chlorination system for treating salt water swimming pools. The system can potentially reduce (or eliminate) the use of potable water in swimming pools with substitution of saltwater/seawater. The residential system can operate in water with a salinity concentration from 0.3% up to 3.5% (i.e. rivers, canals, ocean, etc.). The commercial system can use saltwater with salinity from 0.1% up to 36% (brine).

The system dramatically reduces maintenance requirements and typically does not require the direct addition of chlorine. Models are available in standard and self-cleaning units. Self cleaning units reverse the polarity of the electrodes periodically to reduce the build up of calcium deposits on the cells.

Most Autochlor™ models utilise switch mode power supply (SMPS) which can result in energy reductions. The SMPS, in combination with a unique electrolytic cell using an active anode coating on the cell plates, can increase energy efficiency up to 30 - 50%. The use of SMPS results in smaller unit sizes, less excess heat generation, and longer cell life in comparison to conventional chlorine generator systems.

The system is available in a range of residential and commercial models. The chlorine generator (chlorinator) system consists of a power supply unit with control board and electrolytic cell. The system can be fitted to an existing or new pool pump system.

The water pump circulates water through the electrolytic cell of the chlorine generator which uses the process of electrolysis to split salt dissolved in the water into its basic components and after series of reactions, forms Sodium Hypochlorite, an active sanitiser.

The Autochlor™ system can also be adapted for use in small and large scale (i.e. utility distribution) treatment of potable water, sanitation of cooling tower water in commercial and industrial applications and treatment of intake water for desalination plants.

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