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Greenlife products contain DroughtMasterTM garden mix or moisture retention agent. Products include mulch and compost made up from 100% recycled products, potting mix, lawn top dressing and orchid mix.







It is a blend of composed organics, washed sand, topsoil, and wetting agent. Droughtmaster is designed according to all landscaping projects, which requires high moisture retention and easy wettability.

Greenlife Mulch and compost, is the material made up of 100% recycled, composted green waste, tested over 16 weeks and then screened to produce a minus 15mm product. It is low in phosphorous and is perfect to use in native gardens.

Soil conditioning products are made up from recycled sources such as green waste, cow manure, spent coffee grounds, hardwood sawdust, pinus radiate plantation waste and sewage sludge. It is composted and ideal for conditioning depleted soils.

Decorative mulches are made up from recycled waste products including green waste, post consumer wood waste, and radiate pine plantation waste.  Mulching must be added after compost.


Information last verified: 28/02/2011

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