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Range of products (rainwater harvesting, roof garden, drainage system, infiltration tanks, urban design, storage modules, ecological roads, eco-soils, etc) manufactured from recycled material that are designed innovatively to facilitate total environmental solutions for urban water management.







Atlantis Corp provides sustainable environmental solutions to enhance water quality and reduce or eliminate contaminated water discharge. The solutions are divided into four major areas: Landscaping, civil engineering, environmental and sports field.

LANDSCAPING: Landscaping includes rainwater harvesting, roof garden, permeable paving and vertical garden. Rainwater harvesting is a solution to protect water running down the drain and to re-use it for in-house or in-office purpose. It collects and purifies rainwater from roads, car parks, sports field run-off, urban run-off and rooftops. It is ideally installed into sports field, parks, gardens, car parking lots and community land.

Roof garden is designed using Atlantis Drainage Cell, which only drains excess water (leaving high moisture content) providing excellent growing conditions and acting as a protective membrane for waterproofing over concrete slabs. It further helps in reducing urban flooding and alleviating heat induced stress and cracking.

Permeable paving is designed in order to replace traditional impermeable materials with permeable Atlantis Turf cell, Flo-grid and Atlantis Gravel Cell. Installation of these designs will help eliminating traditional stormwater system, which is otherwise needed to collect rainwater that runs down from impermeable pavements. Turf cell grass porous paver is used for low access roads like grass parking bays. Gravel cell is a durable surface used for medium to heavy use parking areas and access roads. Flo-grid is a heavy duty porous paver used for frequent traffic access roads, driveways and parks.

Atlantis Vertical gardens can be installed on the boundary walls of the house, thereby reducing additional area for gardens and also helps to reducing warming and in air purifying. It's easy to maintain and requires minimum irrigation.

CIVIL ENGINEERING: Civil engineering includes horizontal & vertical drainage, road drainage and railway drainage. Flo-cell set made out of recycled material is used for sub surface horizontal drainage, which offers high compressive strength, lightweight construction, easy to install and low cost compared to traditional drainage methods.

Atlantis vertical or wall drainage is designed for vertical drainage system. It helps in relieving hydrostatic pressure, provides high compressive strength and control water seepage. It can be used for underground car parks, basements, retaining walls and seepage cutoff trenches.

Advanced Atlantis Drainage Cell Road system is ideal for road drainage, which is placed directly under the road base providing a perfect horizontal drainage system. The Atlantis Storm Water Purification and Re-use system for roads (SPARSR), at-source infiltration system, provides a long term sustainable solutions for both new and existing roads.

Storm water management system for railways are simple and quick to install, eliminates pumping of sub-base, eliminates run-off, eliminates surface water pooling during wet periods and maintains system integrity.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Atlantis Infiltration tank system manages storm water run-off by capturing surface water through infiltration, purifying the captured water and recharging the water table. The installation is safer and cheaper.

Atlantis detention tank system, cost effective solution to improve water quality, is ideal for applications that need to meet local council stormwater requirements.

Atlantis water sensitive urban design is developed to meet the expectations of the community and satisfaction of the developer. A typical system with around 5000 litres of capacity is installed in each house with ecological tanks installed prior to the construction of the dwellings. The water run-off from the roof are firstly passed through filtration unit and then to ecological tank, which removes dissolved pollutants and further filters the water respectively.

Atlantis leach drain is three times more efficient than traditional gravel and pipe leach systems. It is a modular system of polypropylene tanks, which are assembled on site and clipped together in series.

Atlantis ecological tank system are designed to solve the enormous problems currently associated with open concrete channels. The permeable channel system permits vertical flow, turbulence and reduces the overall flow velocity while increasing self cleansing capacity of the channel bed. They are like natural groundwater aquifers, hidden from direct sunlight and ultra-violet radiation.


Information last verified: 25/02/2011

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