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A range of modular products providing solutions for vertical gardens. Suitable for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial applications.








Atlantis Gro-Wall® provide modular solutions made from recycled materials for both indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. These can be either single sided or double sided. Vertical gardens are created utilising natural soil mixes to retain nutrients. This modular system enables localised moisture retention and access to individual plants.

Gro-Wall® modules can be fixed to any structural wall including brick, concrete, wood, sheet metal, drywall and other surfaces. The modules allow for vertical and horizontal expansion and require only standard potting mixes. No framework is required as the structure is self supporting.

Gro-Wall® is available in three styles:

Gro-Wall® - standard grow wall system 680mm Width, 220mm Depth and 204mm Height per module.

Gro-Wall® Facade- replaces standard lattice systems for growing climbing plants and vines.

Gro-Wall® PRO- self supporting, free standing, vertical and horizontal modular garden system.


Information last verified: 7th June 2011

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