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Ash Development Association of Australia – Coal Combustion Products (CCP)


Cement extender to lower embodied energy and utilise a waste product.









Coal Combustion Products (CCPs), the by-products produced on coal combustion, are the underutilized valuable recoverable resource, which can be used for road construction, agriculture and building related areas.

Coal power plant is the major source of electricity generation in Australia making CCPs available in huge amounts. It can be used as replacement for high energy in manufacturing cement and construction aggregates. It is also used for enhancing the properties of concrete and other building materials.

In road construction business, it can be used as road base binder, sand replacement and asphalt filler.

There are several case studies by Ash Development Association of Australia where they have successfully demonstrated the use of CCPs in building and road construction business.


Information last verified: 24/02/2011

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