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Enclosures for recessed downlights to maximise ceiling insulation and reduce noise, dust and pests entering buildings through downlights.








Isolite™ and Flexi™ Downlight Guards are fire safety enclosures for recessed downlights, but also prevent loss of heating and cooling from gaps in insulation required for fire safety.  The enclosures allow zero clearance from insulation and structural elements, while minimizing the risk of ceiling fires, and reducing thermal bridging through the normally cleared, uninsulated area required around down lights.  The guards prevent insulation and debris, displaced by pests and air currents from encroaching on downlights and thereby igniting.  The enclosures also prevent dust and insects from entering the building through downlights, and improve the acoustic insulation performance, contributing to quality indoor air environment.

Isolite™ comes in two pieces that snap together around the lights above ceiling, and is anchored to the ceiling by downlight clips, features cut out rings to modify opening size and cable entries. For 12V downlights, an attachable Transformer Isolator is an accessory to Isolite that is available to optimize downlight performance by allowing transformer ventilation, and increase safety by mounting transformer over a non-combustible surface.

Flexi™ Down Light Guard, made of flexible woven fibreglass, is designed to be installed from below the ceiling, comes in 11 different sizes and 2 variations to fit a variety of downlight options including banks of 3 and 4 downlights.

Isolite™ can be used with most 12V halogen downlights and 240V: GU10 CFL's up to 18 watts without modification.  The Flexi™ Downlight Cover comes vented (DLC models) and unvented (FRE models), but use of vented models reduces benefits of indoor pollution/energy loss prevention.

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