Product Detail


Elastomeric polymer preformed tubular insulation and pre-insulated copper pipes for solar hot water systems. Suitable for use in interior and exterior use in domestic and commercial applications.







The continuous nature of Armaflex Solar and DuoSolar make the insulation more efficient and reduces time during installation; it also ensures higher quality assurance outcomes. Products have low thermal-conductivity to minimise heat loss.

DuoSolar is paired tubes of insulation that are pre-fitted to copper pipes. Feed and return pipes in DuoSolar system connects solar collectors with hot-water storage tank. DuoSolar includes sensor wire to monitor temperature of water inside pipes to maintain a constant temperature of hot water at the source.

Solar is single coils of insulation that are fitted to copper during installation. Solar insulates flow and return lines of solar hot-water systems and is designed for systems that use hard-drawn copper. Solar has good abrasion-resistance.

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