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A range of systems designed to treat greywater and blackwater, suitable for domestic and commercial applications.








Aqua Clarus' water treatment systems use a chemical-free wet composting chamber, which organically breaks down solids and purifies the water.  The tanks are manufactured from recycled plastic, reducing landfill waste and embodied energy.  The range includes:

Simply Natural - This system is an entry level product into black water treatment, an ideal replacement for a septic tank.

Super Natural - This system is able to treat both black water and grey water; the unit is installed in ground.

Super Natural Grey - This system is installed in ground and processes grey water.

Aqua Grey AG720 Compact - Is a new release above ground grey water treatment system with a small footprint about the size of a water heater.

Commercial Products - These systems use the same technology as the domestic systems.  The commercial systems range in size from 3,000L per day to 300,000L per day or even larger.  They are supplied as skid mounted units fully operational at the time of delivery/connection, with a pipe in, pipe out installation and a control panel requiring electrical connection only.

Re-use of greywater and blackwater reduces water consumption, and lessens the impact we have on our local aquatic environments, catchment areas, and water treatment facilities.

Information last verified on: 18/02/2011

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