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On site pre-packaged greywater system.









The Super Natural Grey is an on-site packaged system designed to treat household greywater from houses. The water produced by the system has been approved by State Authorities to be reused for domestic options (such as toilet flushing & laundry use) as well as surface irrigation.

The defining aspects of the technology are: -

  • greywater is treated in a unique two stage bioreactor
  • membrane filtration to produce a high grade water
  • final polishing and disinfecting is achieved with UV
  • the system is remotely monitored (optional on AG720)
  • the process used is Chemical free

The Proccess

The greywater flows into a feed tank. Liquid is pumped from the feed tank through the bioreactor to the liquid chamber beneath. This liquid is recycled from the liquid chamber and distributed over the trickle bed. The recirculation rate is relatively high to provide a well-distributed spray that aerates the liquid entering the trickle bed and establishes aerobic conditions. Recirculation controls the levels of nitrification/denitrification achieved. The reactor is operated with alternating low oxygen and high oxygen cycles.

Bio-solids form on the trickle bed and liquid chamber. Hollow Fibre Ultra filtration Membranes are used to further treat the clarified water. Finally a self-cleaning Ultra Violet unit is utilised to polish and further disinfect the treated water. The use of UV after the membranes ensures that in the unlikely event of a tube failure .the quality of the water will not be compromised. The treated water is then stored in a small internal water storage tank.

In the average home, the usage is approximately 3.2kw/hr of electricity with a daily total cost of around 12 cents. Based on SuN2 G 001 model. The smaller model uses approx. 1.5kw/hr. Solar ready kits and Stand-alone Solar options will be available shortly.


Information last verified on: 18th February 2011

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