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Solar hot water heating systems with evacuated tube solar collectors. Stainless steel tanks.Electric boosted and gas boosted systems available. Suitable for residential or commercial use. Overheat and freeze protected.








Apricus ® solar thermal systems are more efficient than flat plate collectors as they use twin-glass evacuated tubes with selective surface coating which passively track the sun, absorbing sunlight efficiently all day instead of only at high sun angles. Insulated tubes prevent heat loss in cold conditions. Lightweight and easily maintained (in the unlikely eventuality of damaged tubes). Everlast ™ marine grade stainless steel tanks and marine grade stainless steel mounting frames.

Electric boosted and Bosch brand gas boosting systems available.

Apricus® Heat Dissipater available for dissipating excess heat in summer periods, avoiding overheating and/or excessive hot water dumping.


Information last verified on: 18th February 2011

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