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Apollo Apollo Tank Accessories are a range of valves, diverters, installation kit and overflow devices, suitable for use with most rainwater harvesting tanks.








BallValve - Ball valves allow you to fully open and close a valve with a quarter turn of a handle.

First Flush Diverter - First Flush Diverters take away the first lot of water from your roof which contains all the dust and dirt and automatically drains it away in a separate pipe.

Leaf Beater Rain Head Round -leaf beater - which are connected to downpipes to prevent blocking, deflecting leaves and debris and keep mosquitoes out of pipes that hold water.

Leaf Catcher Surfmist - Leaf Catcher is a versatile leaf and debris catcher and also keeps out mosquitoes.

Rainwater Tank install Kit - Rainwater Installation Kit.

Tank Overflow Flap valve - Hi-Flow Flap Valves will swing open to allow large volumes of water clear passage when overflowing; and sit flush against their casing to prevent insects from accessing your storage when the water stops


Information last verified on: 17th February 2011

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