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A range of subfloor vents to suite commercial, residential and industrial applications.









Aleta Vents play a key role in keeping mould and mildew out of your home. Having adequate cross flow ventilation in your sub-floor helps prevent, cure or reduce timber decay, cupping of floor boards, and risk of termite attack. Aleta Vents also allow natural light into your sub-floor making it less desirable for termites and other nasties.


  • Cream: yellow mustard colour
  • Sandstone: Beige, bone, doeskin colour
  • Terracotta: burnt orange
  • Red: Maroon, dark red, claret
  • Brown: Dark Brown, mission brown
  • Light Brown: milk chocolate, wet dark cardboard
  • Salmon: Earthy with pink hues
  • Apricot: Light milky orange colour
  • White: clean white colour
  • Black: charcoal, blackboard
  • Grey:   wet concrete colour


  • 4 brick: 455x160 2 bricks long x 2 bricks high
  • 2 brick: 230x160 1 brick long x 2 bricks high
  • 1 brick: 230x75 1 brick long x 1 brick high
  • 2 brick: 455x75 2 brick long x 1 brick high
  • Block work: 390x190 to suit block work
  • 300x200 Vent: well proportioned vent for other applications, Hebel, Modular brick, Sandstone.


Information last verified on: 11th February 2011

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