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Extremely fast, energy efficient hand dryer for all standard commercial and office applications.









Xlerator Hand Dryers are powerful, high velocity and energy efficient, and effectively dry hands in 10-15 seconds. The product uses approximately 30% less energy, and takes approximately one third the time of conventional electric hand dryers.

Xlerator Hand Dryers are Green Spec certified, and stated to contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points, a widely recognised certification program in the US.

The hand dryers draw 1500W rather than 2200W used by conventional dryers, increasing energy efficiency. Manufacturer states they will produce an air temperature of up to 57 degress C at a 22 degrees C room temperature, and a higher-than-conventional airflow rate, at the hands, of approximately 4270 linear metres/minute. There is a 35 second lockout feature if hands are not removed.

A full life-cycle assessment (LCA) was commissioned by the manufacturer, to compare environmental characteristics of Xlerator to paper towel use, and other conventional hand dryers. The LCA data found that Xlerator uses approximately 80% less energy than paper towels and over 30% less energy than conventional hand dryers.


Information last verified on 11th February 2011

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