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High performance, compressed stone wool acoustic ceiling panels with significant re-cycled content. Suitable for commercial or industrial purposes.








Acoustic ceilings manufactured from volcanic rock which is melted, fiberized and formed into compressed stone wool base boards and treated with a micro-porous coating. Contains 25% recycled content, primarily factory waste (post industrial) and stone wool insulation (post consumer) from demolition work.

Benefits provided by Rockfon activeceilings include:

  • High sound absorption- lower noise levels in service
  • Recyclable in Australia (unlike wet-felt mineral fibre products). Re-cycled as an energy saving building insulation material.
  • Inorganic and will not sustain micro-organisms.
  • Non-combustible - fire-safe.
  • Is non-hygroscopic, will not sag and is unaffected by high humidity levels
  • Smooth, visually appealing surface without fissures or visible perforations


Take-back option exists for recycling in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Wide range of products for different sector applications eg education, healthcare, leisure, office and industry.



Information last verified on: 11th February 2011

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