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An antibacterial cleaner for toilets and wet area surfaces produced with responsible resource use, suitable for commercial and industrial purposes.










Product is a cleaner for toilets, urinals, tield washroom floors, walls, paths, basins and shower recesses. The company claims that they use environmentally friendly ingredients and employ pollution minimisation strategies in manufacturing. The company also claims that they have minimised use of energy and water resources and decreased waste in production.

Agar produces a full line of commercial and industrial cleaning products including floor cleaners and treatments, sanitisers, disinfectants, glass cleaners, stainless steel care products, air fresheners, detergents, furniture polish, spray cleaners, toilet and bathroom cleaners, kitchen and laundry hopsitality products, and carpet cleaning and care products. They also produce large volume personal care products such as hand washes and body washes.

Information last verified: 7 May 2013

Product is certified by: Third Party Certification Scheme

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