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Aerogel Insulation Blankets are a range of flexible bulk insulation products which utilise flexible, non-woven battings impregnated with an amorphous silica gel (Aerogel). Suitable for commercial and industrial applications.







The products have such low thermal conductivity that they can be classed as a superinsulator.  The blankets also have a high compression resistance, are hydrophobic (repel liquid), are permeable to vapour and air, and have a long life with minimal deterioration.

The products will greatly reduce heat transfer through building elements and assist in reducing energy consumption for cooling and heating loads placed on air conditioning systems. The products are suitable for wall, roof and flooring applications and can produce a continuous layer, which is effective at eliminating thermal bridging in the framework of a building. The Aerogel products have one of the highest R-values (per mm) of any insulating product providing equivalent, or better, thermal resistance than thicker insulation alternatives.

The Aerogels Australia range spans the entire service temperature range and includes:

  • Pyrogel XT - suitable for very high temperature (up to 650°C) applications including pipes, vessels and tanks. It is available with a factory applied foil vapour barrier (Pyrogel XTC) for low to moderate applications such as chilled water piping.
  • Pyrogel 2250 - ultra-thin blanket and suitable for high temperature applications (up to 200°C)
  • Cryogel Z - suitable for high (up to 90°C), sub-ambient and cryogenic (-270°C) applications. The product remains flexible at cryogenic temperatures eliminating the contraction joints used to prevent compressive failure in alternative insulation products.
  • Spaceloft - suitable for normal temperature applications (below 200°C degrees).

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