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Enviroshield Ultra Coating is a low VOC Australian made waterbased acrylic reflective membrane coating that contains hollow ceramic spheres and heat reducing pigments. Suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial situations.









Enviroshield Ultra Coating exhibits durability, cohesive strength and flexibility towards water and weather resistance. The coating provides seamless coverage through heavy thixotropic consistency which has excellent gap filling and UV resistance properties. An independent body states that it provides peak load air conditioning energy savings or improved comfort over conventional paints. It was also tested that Enviroshield Coating has a solar performance benefit potential of 71% Total Solar Reflectance (for cream colour 10C112). Enviroshield Ultra Coating is safe in the application for the contractor. It is suitable for use in rainwater storage facilities.


Red Light Comment

Manufacture Stage: This issue is unlikely to be of any consequence in use/disposal/re-use. Coating contains a small percentage of titanium dioxide, approximately 8.4%.

In 2006 The IARC reclassified titanium dioxide as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). This issue relates to the inhalation of pure powdered and ultra-fine titanium dioxide dust during manufacture and is not considered a risk, as the Ti02 is not in a respirable form when bound into the product.

Accordingly the sanding, grinding and other occupational production activities of products containing titanium dioxide, may present issues if appropriate precautions are not taken. Precautions for workers such as reducing exposure to product in dust form and using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mitigate potential issues to low risk in accordance with an ecospecifier Risk Assessment. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Enviroshield Ultra Coating contains a chemical which may cause sensitation by skin contact (R-phrase 43). This is not considered as a risk after the paint is applied, but triggers OH&S issue. Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mitigate potential issues to low risk in accordance with an ecospecifier Risk Assessment. Refer to Material Safety Data sheet for further information


Information last verified on 1st June 2010



Non-reflective and solvent based surface coatings.



Paints, coatings, thermal comfort, insulation, thermal barrier, total solar reflectance

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