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Action Tank Industries Pty Ltd - Rainwater Reuse & Management System


Rainwater harvesting and reuse system including underground tanks, water quality protection and mains water back up system suitable for residential industrial and commercial purposes.








The underground Action Rainwater Management System consists of a Master tank which comes complete with leaf strainer, first flush diverter, mains water back up, high hazard backflow prevention device, electrical and pressure pump. These are complimented by a series of servant tanks which act as merely a tank and are most commonly used when greater volume tanks are required.

Sizes for the system vary from 3000ltr up to 4550ltr tanks. Volumes of up to 150,000ltrs+, however, can be specified by linking multiple tanks together to create the required volumes.

The Master System Includes:

  • Action Water Cell
    (certified to Australian Standards AS/NZ 1546.1).
  • High Hazard Backflow prevention device visable air gap
    (meets Australian. StandardsAS 3500 requirements).
  • Mains water top-up valve (certified to Australian Standards AS1910 screen 1st flush diverter).
  • Inlet leaf diverter.
  • 100mm overflow.
  • 100mm Non-return valve.
  • 25mm Pump Outlet to house.
  • Pressure rainwater system (max 125 ltr/min @ max 230 kpa)
  • Reticulated level float control.
  • Low level loss of prime protection cut-off swich.

Australian Standard Certified rotationally moulded polyethylene rainwater tank solely for underground use.


Information last verified on: 09th February 2011

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