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Range of oil and petrolium spill response kits that contain a variety of chemical sorbents for the effective cleanup of spills.









3mTM Oil and Petroleum Spill Response Kits are suitable for the rapid control of accidental and routine leaks and spills. The kits provide increased Occupational Health and Safety measures for industry and come in a range of packs including:

3MTM Oil & Petroleum Spill Response Kit SRCB-Petro - 25 Litre, compact, lightweight kit for small spills suitable for location in transport vehicles.

3MTM Oil & Petroleum Spill Response Kit OSRK-45 - 47 Litre kit suitable for small scale spills.

3MTM Oil & Petroleum Spill Response Kit OSRK-190 - 190 Litre kit suitable for large fuel spills such as storage areas, transporting, loading docs, manufacturing sites etc


Information last verified: 29/06/2011

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