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Abrasion and shatter resistant, optically clear, Polyester safety and security film for windows.








Scotchshield Safety and Security Film consists of one or more micro-thin polyester layers which are applied with acrylate adhesive to the interior of windows to provide shatter resistance protection and to reduce UV transmittance.

The product is applicable to any type of window (vehicle or building), pre or post installation. Reduced UV transmittance decreases fading without affecting light quality. Building applications also include applications where broken glass can cause injury, for example windstorm, blast and earthquake protection. It also provides security and crime deterrence.

The film can be cleaned with any common window cleaning solutions and a soft cloth but abrasive cloths and bristle brushes need to be avoided to reduce scratching.

3M have a well documented environmental policy - see website for further information.

The company has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2005.

Information last verified: 29/06/2011

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