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Recycled content acrylic resin panel with recycled glass decorative finish.









Varia Crush is made from one hundred percent post consumer, recycled glass which is crushed, washed and pressed into the standard Varia forty percent recycled acrylic resin. A range of colours and patterns are available, including interlays which can be sourced from natural materials and metals. The panel product has a broad range of applications including decorative treatments to walls, ceilings, horizontal surfaces, furniture, lighting, signage, shower screens etc.

Panels types includes Varia, Signature, Stuttura. A UV stablised version is available for external use. The panel is available in gauges from 1.6 mm to 12 mm and up to 25mm for custom orders

The advantages of the Varia panel over decorative glass, cast acrylics, metals and laminates are numerous. It will not shatter, crack or discolour, can be contour heat draped to any form, it is half the weight of glass, odour-free and chemical resistant. It is very workable in that it can be bonded with adhesives, tapes, ultrasonic welding and rivets, drilled on site, cut easily with a table saw and sanded. Its strength allows for the use of thinner-gauge sheet than with other common materials.

3form is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a promoter of the LEED program, an enviromental rating tool in the United States.

The company's manufacturing processes reportedly involves no VOCs, solvents, or other potentially harmful emissions. The panel is made from a basic PETG, food grade resin which can be recycled. PET is the primary raw material used in the production of plastic drink bottles. Major reclaimers of PET material include carpet manufacturers who recycle PET into carpet yarn.

3form recycles the packaging materials of the raw materials shipped into the factory for use as packaging material for the finished panel product as they are a similar size.


Information last verified on: 04th February 2011

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