Product Detail

Wicanders®, Amorim Revestimentos' premium brand products, are fully imported from Portugal and available in a wide variety of textures, colours and finishes. The products incorporate the natural insulating and shock resistive properties of cork oak to provide a low impact surface for biomechanical comfort, natural thermal insulation and sound absorption characteristics. These products are manufactured from renewable cork and HDF and have undergone independent Life Cycle Analysis. The Corkcomfort ranges are recyclable and positively contribute to CO2 sequestration. The products have very low TVOC emissions, which improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and have been tested by Greenguard, demonstrating emissions levels compliant with Green Star® Indoor Environmental Quality specifications.

The Corkcomfort range features unique cork veneer textures in over 62 different colours and designs.

Corkcomfort Glue-down WRT products are a multilayered agglomerated cork floor tile with a WRT topcoat and ceramic layer which provides anti-slip and scratch resistant protection over a cork veneer.

Product Certification

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