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Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Bronze Certified, SLS, SLES and paraben-free Wheat Protein Shampoo for all hair types, with certified organic mallee eucalyptus oil and lemongrass oil, in 35ml tube packaging for hospitality industry.

SLS, SLES and paraben-free Appelles Apothecary Wheat Protein Shampoo contains certified organic native Australian blue mallee eucalyptus oil and clarifying lemongrass, returning the shine to dull, lifeless hair whilst gently removing excess build-up from the scalp. Suitable for all hair and scalp types.

For the hospitality industry the product is supplied in a 35ml HDPE tube with a PP screw top with an EcoPure additive to increase the biodegradability of the plastics.

The product is GreenTag LCARate Bronze Certified achieving the GreenTag EcoPoint score of 0.93 and meets the following criteria:

  • Passes the GCAP assessment process, with ingredients and their degradation products posing no significant risks to human health or the environment
  • Satisfies requirements of relevant Australian Standards, including labelling requirements
  • Is readily biodegradable
  • Contains only perfumes and fragrances that are IFRA Code of Conduct compliant
  • Contains no:
    • No palm oil or palm kernel oil derivatives
    • PABAs;
    • EDTA;
    • Ticlosan;
    • Formaldehyde
    • Formaldehyde forming chemicals such as Quaternium-15;
    • Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS);
    • Genetically Modified (GM) Organisms or products;
    • Nitro- or Polycyclic Musks;
    • Known Hormone disruptors;
    • Known Gene altering compounds;
    • Known compounds that harm unborn babies;
    • Nanomaterials
  • Is not associated with new testing on animals.

A Bronze award indicates a product in the top 25% of its market category and generally equivalent to any Type 1 Ecolabels.

See 'Detailed Assessment' tab above for more detailed assessment of the product.

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