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Kingspan Insulated Panels – Kingspan Controlled Environment Panels

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Global GreenTagCert™ LCARate Gold GreenRate Level A certified insulated Controlled Environment Roof, Wall, and Ceiling panels. The panels are fire rated, hygienic and fibre-free, suitable for internal and external walls and ceilings, available in a variety of profiles and colours and are suitable for all temperature controlled and hygiene safe building applications.

The panels are constructed of galvanized and pre-painted steel sheets with a Zero ODP, Kingspan Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core, with prefinished exterior and interiors available in a range of colours, profiles and thermal performance specifications.

Kingspan controlled environment panels have an increased cover width compared to industry standard covering systems, which provides benefits of reduced laps, fixings and structure along with potential cost savings, and reduced installation time.

The panels are manufactured in Australia, and Kingspan's manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 accredited, and have ISO 14001 EMS and ISO 18001 H&S accreditation (being implemented).

The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A5.

The product is also GreenTag LCARate Gold Certified achieving the GreenTag EcoPoint score of 0.24 and meets the following criteria:

  • Product triggers no ES CAP 'Red light' warnings or 'Issues of Concern' - post Risk Analysis
  • Demonstrates a reduction of 70% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions when compared to the worst performing product in this building material category.
  • Kingspan Insulated Panels has achieved an excellent Corporate Social Responsibility score of 0.2 for its Social Program participation, the ethically compliant supply chain, a corporate sustainability policy, and ISO 14021 compliant environmental claims as well as providing a GRI compliant Annual Report.

A Gold award indicates the product is in the 'Excellent Product' LCARate category.

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Product Certification

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Green Star - Retail Centre v1

IEQ-7: Internal Noise LevelsEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmi-4: Insulant ODP

Green Star - Education v1

IEQ-7: Internal Noise LevelsEne: Conditional RequirementEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmi-4: Insulant ODP

Green Star - Industrial v1

IEQ-7: Internal Noise LevelsEne Conditional RequirementEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmi-4: Insulant ODP

Green Star - Multi Unit Residential v1

IEQ-7: Internal Noise LevelsMat-14: Internal WallsEne: Conditional RequirementEmi-4: Insulant ODP

Green Star - Healthcare v1

IEQ-7: Internal Noise LevelsMat-14: Ceilings, Walls and PartitionsEne: Energy Conditional RequirementEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmi-4: Insulant ODP

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Green Star - Public buildings

Emi-4: Insulant ODPEne: Conditional RequirementEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsMat-12: AssembliesIEQ-7: Internal Noise Levels

Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1

IEQ-10: Internal Noise LevelsEne-1: Energy EfficiencyEne-2: Energy ImprovementsMat-3: Walls and PartitionsEmi-2: Insulation Ozone Depleting Potential

Green Star - Office v2

IEQ-12: Internal Noise LevelsEne-1: ConditionalEne-2: Energy ImprovementEmi-9: Insulant ODP

Green Star - Office v3

IEQ-12: Internal Noise LevelsEne: ConditionalEne-1: Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEmi-4: Insulant ODP