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Autex – Avondale & Images, Elements, Performer, Raider & Reef, Widetrack and Decord Carpets

Avondale& Images carpets are durable non-woven carpets suitable for commercial flooring.  Avondale has a classic combination of a fine-ribbed finish with a selection of contemporary colours allowing design flexibility and functionality. Images has a 'cut-pile' finish and contemporary colour range also offering design flexibility and durable functionality.

Elements carpet is a flat-pile non-woven carpet that is made to withstand high traffic areas.  Elements available as tiles and sheet/rolls.

Performer carpets has been developed as a specialist trim and lining product for the automotive and marine industries.  Made from durable and resilient polypropylene fibre that is waterproof and highly resistant to fading and staining.

Raider & Reef carpets are specialty marine carpets, also suitable for a wide range of light commercial applications. Non-slip and water-resistant, these carpets are a cost-effective choice for the interiors and decks of small boats, outdoor decks, garages and commercial floor areas.

Widetrack & Decord carpets are premium-grade100% polypropylene ribbed carpets designed to provide firm grip even in slippery and wet conditions. Waterproof and highly UV resistant, they will stand most  outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and sun.

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