Product Detail

Eco-Accolade is a low VOC resilient floor covering containing post consumer recycled PVC content and significant post industrial recycled content from the off-cuts and reprocessing of Accolade products. The product is available in a range of 4 colours and incorporates a polyurethane surface. It also contains a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) through the entire thickness of the material in order to enhance product performance. The use of PUR significantly reduces maintenance requirements which therefore improves durability and reduces environmental impacts. This resilient floor covering product is suitable for healthcare, education, office and hospitality, and any application where durable, resilient floors are required.

Eco-Accolade contains up to 52% recycled material from post-industrial, post-consumer and reclaimed sources.

The product features a multi-colour (jaspe) and black chip construction with a lightly embossed surface texture. This enhances slip resistance, reduces sub floor show through and helps mask dirt and wear marks.

Product Certification

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