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Build New or Remediate

Often Asset Owners are faced with the decision to Build New or Remediate debilitated structures.

Build New or Remediate


Build New or Remediate

Often Asset Owners are faced with the decision to Build New or Remediate debilitated structures. Portland cement, the principle hydraulic cement in use today, is not only the most energy-intensive material of construction but is also responsible for a large amount of greenhouse gases.


Xypex Australia is dedicated to extending the Service Life of Civil and Commercial Assets through the use of Xypex Crystalline Technology by creating durability and Sustainability in Concrete Structures.


Examples of how Xypex Crystalline Technology can be applied to remediate infrastructure is described further below.




Sarina No.1 Reservoir


Mackay Regional Council commissioned Diamond Protective Coatings to undertake the rehabilitation of a five and half megalitre reservoir situated above the regional town of Sarina (South of Mackay).


After 50 years of service, the abrasion and leaching effect of the water had left the walls with extensive areas of exposed aggregate. The reservoir was in need of relining to the walls and columns to reinstate cover, the waterproofing and durability treatment of the floor and the replacement of flexible jointing, all with the intention of extending its service life.


Xypex Megamix II was selected for the relining works that involved an application of between 13mm and 50 mm being applied to the walls to return the surface to the desired profile and ensure adequate cover over embedded steel elements. Xypex Concentrate was selected to waterproof and as a durability application for the floor. In total, surface area treated was approximately 900m2 and approximately 15,000 kg of Xypex material was applied.


A specialist subcontractor was appointed to conduct the applications and treatments of Xypex Technology which were overseen by a Xypex representative. This structure was nearing the end of its service life, now having undergone refurbishment the facility will be kept in service for many more years to come.




Iluka Minerals Process Water Tank


A process water tank at the Iluka Minerals site in Geraldton, Western Australia that was constructed in the early 1970’s had become unserviceable due to corrosion around the base. The 25 metres wide and three metres high tank, was constructed with steel walls and a concrete foundation with a capacity of approximately 1.4 million litres.


Faced with the prospect of a $1.2 million replacement cost, Consulting Engineer John Montgomery in association with engineers from Illuka Minerals developed a strategy for the rehabilitation of the tank at an economically viable cost.


It was determined that the most appropriate remediation system was to employ Xypex Admix C-5000 in a shotcrete mix and incorporating Kuniseal C-31DS waterstop positioned in the floor wall joints.


As a result approximately 45m3 of Xypex Admix C-5000 dosed shotcrete was sprayed up against the existing metal walls, and approximately 100 lineal metres of Kuniseal C-31 DS was installed.


This system enabled an estimated saving of approximately $900,000 and significantly reduced down time to only 14 days.


On completion of the repairs, the tank was filled and while initially there were a number of minor leaks, these reduced to zero within 10-14 days, as the Xypex Crystalline development took place. The structure is again in service and remains watertight and now has a greatly extended service life expectation.