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The Answer to Industrial Floors & More


The Answer to Industrial Floors & More






LATICRETE® has recognised the need for a system brochure which provides guidelines and recommendations for the design, specification and installation of industrial tile and stone installations.

Technical advances in materials, manufacturing and construction methods have expanded the role of this type of application ever since the development of adhesive mortars. 

Previously bulky conventional thick bed methods were employed for the installation of industrial applications.


Industrial applications can present many challenges for the designer and the installer.

Many industrial installations place tremendous stress on the tile and stone application and create a challenging environment and not only for the finish tile or stone, but also for the installation system materials.

This brochure has been created with the intent to assist the design professional in assessing and specifying the correct installation system for the specific application.


The LATICRETE Industrial Floor System meets the demanding requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries by providing installation materials with maximum chemically resistant adhesives, mortars and grouts. These products offer durability for extra heavy-duty industrial applications where the need for chemical, impact, thermal shock and high temperature resistance is mandatory.

  • LATICRETE latex fortified adhesives provide 400% greater bond strength and traffic/shock resistance versus conventional Portland cement adhesives.
  • LATICRETE epoxy adhesives and grouts deliver superior chemical resistance versus conventional epoxies and furans without their toxicity, difficult workability and clean-up.
  • Rapid installation materials for repairs and "downtime" projects. 

Click here for a LATICRETE Industrial Floor System Brochure or click here for the Industrial Tile and Paver Applications Technical Design Manual.