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Re-Engineer Painted Surfaces With GreenTag Certified, Low Voc Coatings

Re-Engineer  Painted  Surfaces  With  GreenTag  Certified, Low  Voc Coatings



Adorn Coatings add another dimension to vertical surfaces for commercial and residential interiors. Create feature walls, componentry and glass panels with texture and character.  Select from a range of hand crafted abstract glass designs; complete timbers and veneers with clear or tonal effects; or create unique, bespoke installations. Crystal clear coatings may also be applied to timber veneers or surfaces that require a durable finish to showcase the character of a substrate.

Sprayline is re-engineering paint coatings by taking VOC levels beyond the Indoor Environment Quality assessment of the Green Star rating system and considering the contribution of all paint products to CO2 levels in our environment.

The Green Star rating system gives much consideration to achieving VOC levels of less than 75gm/ltr, for Indoor Environment Quality. Higher VOC levels can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, having negative effects on the health of building occupants. Low exposure to VOC’s may cause headaches, dizziness and nausea, with high exposure linked to more serious health issues, such as kidney damage and even cancer. The paint industry is reportedly responsible for up to 16% of all VOC emissions in Australia, so if this is the effect of VOC’s on building occupants, what is the impact on the broader environment?


When selecting paints and finishes, how do you retain design integrity and achieve the desired aesthetic, while minimising the impact on our environment? Many paint companies are developing interior and exterior paints with lower VOC levels, but what about the finishes on fit-out componentry? On veneered panels, reception counters or paint effects on glass?


Painted products currently fall outside the scope of the Green Star Indoor Environment Quality rating system when the paint is applied offsite. This may minimise any contribution to sick building syndrome, but where is the transparency on the impact these finishes have on climate change? Sprayline Australia believes that all paint products should be responsible for the contribution of CO2 levels to our environment. Sprayline has developed a range of finishes called Adorn; a water based, low VOC (less than 50gm/ltr) paint coating that offers the aesthetic qualities of matt or satin finishes. Adorn may be applied to timbers, E0 substrates or veneers in clears or colours and can create abstract glass designs, in a broad range of colours. The range is ideal for any fit-out elements in commercial or residential construction.

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