Product Detail

Woven Image is an International textile design company specialising in textiles for commercial interiors, including offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and theatres.

Woven Image was established in 1987 after identifying a strong need for design driven textile products. Their commitment to unique collaborations with Australian artists and leading designers: John Coburn, Bruce Gould, Dinosaur Designs, Reptile Design, Mambo, Bang, Julie Paterson and key partnership with worldwide design industry leader KnollTextiles; has ensured the Woven Image brand consistently delivers an aesthetic, colourful and energized point of difference in contemporary textile design.

In the late 90's, Woven Image embraced Environmental Sustainability in Design in the broader sense. With the launch of Echo Textiles range, Echo Screen, Echo Panel and Echo Seat Woven Image are able to deliver quality design textile options to projects, interiors and end-users committed to high levels of environmental performance in a practical and product-oriented way.