Product Detail

Earp Bros Surface Evolution – Porcelanosa STON-KER Façade Tiles

As an importer, Earp Bros is conscious of the practices of manufacturers and chooses to import tile products from ecologically responsible companies, such as Porcelanosa Group and Roca. These companies are committed to international practice in sustainable manufacturing.

Earp Bros support the low impact life cycle of tiles in building projects and aim to enhance the offering in Australia by partnering with responsible companies off-shore.

To lessen logistical impacts, Earp Bros have relocated its warehousing facilities to make use of rail rather than road. The company facilitate the recycling of waste materials, including tiles which are re-used in road base materials.

Earp Bros are committed to product testing to ensure that materials are used to their potential and to maximise the sustainability of a projects life cycle.

Slip resistance is a key focus in this area. Such products enhance the health and safety value of a project and when used in conjunction with Accelerated Wear testing procedures, are considered best practice.

Earp Bros recognise the importance of being an educator in this area as much as a practitioner. We support the efforts of the Green Building Council of Australia and share our eco-conscious products via ecospecifier.