Product Detail

Bounce Rubber Bands® are a national provider of high quality Rubber Bands. They are an Australian owned and operated company with a national distribution centre located in Tuggerah, NSW.

Bounce Rubber Bands® currently sell rubber bands in all industry sectors including florists, finance, corporate, agriculture, packaging, office supplies, industrial, education and media.

At Bounce Rubber Bands®, rubber is sourced from Thailand where it is commercially produced in plantations. The latex that Bounce Rubber Bands are made from is a renewable resource making the product a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.  

Bounce Rubber Bands® provides a variety of rubber band sizes, colours and packaging options. They also provide a customised service whereby they can produce anything that a company requires. Their aim is to provide the best quality product with fantastic service ethics at industry best pricing.

Bounce Rubber Bands are only available through reputable distributors.

 A note from Bounce Rubber Bands®:

Bounce Rubber Bands® are big believers in the concept of the “triple bottom line” in which consideration of our business operations is given to people, planet and profit. Bounce Rubber Bands® is an Australian owned and operated company but due to the fact that they are unable to source natural rubber here on Australian soil, rubber is sourced from Thailand where it is commercially produced in plantations. Bounce Rubber Bands® has partnered with Thailand manufacturers where we have created an eco-friendly and sustainable product under agreements that work towards protecting our planet. (You can read more about how our Rubber Bands are made here). Bounce Rubber Bands® is immensely thankful to the two countries that have helped make our business prosper and grow and this is why we were proud to launch our corporate social responsibility initiative Bounce Back