Product Detail

In 1991, Concrete Waterproofing Manufacturing Pty. Ltd trading as Xypex Australia was incorporated to act as the corporate identity of one of the Godson Family Group of Companies.  Following incorporation exclusive licensing rights to manufacture and distribute the unique range of Xypex waterproofing and concrete repair products, throughout Australasia, was granted by Xypex Chemical Corporation of Vancouver, Canada to Xypex Australia.

More than twenty years after execution of this agreement the corporate relationship between these two construction chemical manufactures and industry leaders remains strong.

Since their establishment successful market development and profitability has allowed the company to re-invest profits into refining manufacturing expertise and upgrading technology to World First Standard capable of meeting ongoing manufacturing growth without sacrificing quality or continuity of market supply.

Xypex Australia's manufacturing and corporate headquarters is located in the Twin Cities of Albury, New South Wales and Wodonga, Victoria. These twin cities were early pioneers of Federal Government initiatives to decentralise normally city based manufacturing into regional centers, a policy that has been and continues to be supported by Xypex Australia.

Albury/Wodonga is located on the main highway link between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and places our manufacturing base within three hours of ports of departure for Export sales shipped from Melbourne as well as on an established National primary road and rail network for our Australian based sales and distribution network.

The decision to locate within a Decentralised Manufacturing Region has allowed Xypex Australia to further support their belief that rural based work forces have a high understanding of the mutual support system and interdependance of management and the labour force, which results in manufacturing excellence and optimises productivity as well as delivering employees the financial and social benefits derived from optimising the benefits of this relationship.

Xypex Australia embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through all business functions and strategies, to encourage and engage a positive impact through its business activities on the environment, employees, consumers and the community. Aligning and incorporating CSR within their business process and integrating the outcomes across all operational functions, provides transparency that increases the engagement of their people, which in turn reflects upon both social and economic benefits as well as the integrity of Xypex Australia.

Concurrent with our manufacturing capability, improvements have been made in the development of Quality Systems that meet the stringent standards of ISO verification in both Australia and Canada thereby delivering customers both continuity of product quality and supply.

To ensure optimum sales performance and educational development of construction industry professionals pertaining to our highly technical product performance Xypex Australia has established sales and distribution offices in all States of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, South East Asia while also maintaining independent local Distribution businesses in other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as countries of the Mekong Basin. All of these locations are serviced by highly trained professional personnel proficient in both sales and technical ability.

Although originally established as a waterproofing manufacturing company Xypex Australia has now developed more industry specific products designed to enhance durability of structures. This in turn has led to the creation of our plan to support and enhance the development of the emerging philosophy of Sustainable Construction.

It is Xypex Australia's belief and goal that the Whole of Life focus now developed by our company will assist in changing the views and practices within the Building and Construction Industry pertaining to increasing the life and durability of civil infrastructure and commercial development, thereby delivering benefits to asset owners in reduced maintenance costs and longer service life as well as addressing environmental factors that demonstrate our continuing embracing of corporate responsibility.

The successful development and sales of the unique Xypex Catalytic Crystalline Technology has allowed Xypex Australia to attain industry leadership both by way of high performance and being the Founding Father of the industry in Australia, drawing on the bona fides of in excess of 45 years successful Xypex application and development Worldwide.

On this foundation Xypex have developed a shared dream driven by engaged and like minded people. They believe that the status quo in construction, the sustainability of structures and the conservation of the environment and its resources must be challenged. They believe that to dare to be different, to challenge entrenched construction traditions and to share our vision will drive our development and future success. What Xypex do is the proof of what Xypex believes!