Product Detail

Magnetite® supplies and installs secondary glazing systems that are designed to reduce noise, increase thermal comfort and create energy efficiency for existing glazed areas.

Magnetite® is an innovative technology that converts your existing single glazed windows into double glazing. The Magnetite system was invented over 25 years ago by energy physicist Kenneth Foster at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Centre for Innovation in Boston. It was developed as an alternative to traditional double glazing. Ben and Adrian Lafleur took up the Australian operations in 1998 and started delivering it to homes throughout Sydney. Over the last 20 years there have been numerous product developments and advancements to cater to the Australian environment.

Magnetite® continues to deliver value solutions and have developed a reputation as a leader in both acoustic and thermal window insulation for residential and commercial buildings across Australia & New Zealand. Magnetite now operates nationwide through a franchise network of qualified estimators and installers as well as local dealers.


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