Product Detail

Green Insulation Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company that provides leading edge environmentally-friendly insulation products for use in roofs, walls and floors of homes, sheds and commercial constructions throughout Australia.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, these insulation products are widely recognised for their ability to provide long lasting comfort, safety and energy savings. 

Research began in 1999 and from this the Reflecta-Range™ of products were developed and patented.  This range represents a breakthrough in insulation technology.  This unique insulation is a fibre-free, air bubble insulation, encased in reflective foil, and protected with a special patented polymer coating. This distinctive coating provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidisation.  These products also provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, as well as offering the advantage of a barrier against water and vapour penetration. 

We proudly lead the way within the insulation industry offering extensive warranties across the range. We are confident to stand behind this technology, and believe we present some of the best insulation products available world-wide.

Green Insulation™ is widely recognised for its product leadership and is constantly involved in researching and developing new innovative technologies to complement the existing product range.  Due to the ever increasing demand, our company will continue to grow and develop into the future as it expands from strength to strength.   

With a distribution network throughout Australia, Green Insulation™ products are available at a store near you.  For more information, contact us today.