Product Detail

Coolshield International - Solacoat Heat Reflective & Non-slip Waterproof Pavement Coating

Solacoat was developed in Alice Springs, (the centre of Australia), in 1985, where the inventor was a distributor of Solar products to Cattle Stations, Aboriginal Communities and to Northern Territory Government bodies.


Heat was a huge problem for galvanized roofing and nearly all Cattle Stations had galvanized roofing on their buildings. The heat being generated by these roofs were affecting all aspects of living and increased the load on the generators by over 40% in summer.


Solacoat was developed by extensive trials and testing of various products and additives. With the end result that once Solacoat was applied the roofs and walls of the buildings the power load was reduced by more than 30% in summer.


Consequently the cost of a Hybrid Power system fell from around $45 000 to under $30 000 and running costs were reduced accordingly.