Product Detail

ARMACELL Thailand Pty Ltd – Armaflex® FRV elastomeric foam insulation fire-tested for vertical pipes

ARMACELL is a manufacturer and supplier of flexible insulation systems and engineered foams. With more than 2600 employees in 23 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries.

The company operates within two main businesses: Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. The Advanced Insulation business develops flexible insulation foam products for the insulation of mechanical equipment in HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration applications, as well as for the insulation of process lines in various industrial and international oil & gas businesses. Designed for use in both new and retrofit installations, the use of Armacell’s insulation products is a reliable and effective way to improve energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and residential construction.

The Engineered Foams business develops light foams for use in a broad range of end-markets including transportation/automotive, wind energy, sports & leisure and construction.