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Wicanders® Hydrocork Press Fit Cork Flooring Floating Waterproof

Wicanders®, Amorim Revestimentos' premium brand, has been producing flooring since 1868, always inspired on nature's most pure values and using avant-garde technologies to provide high quality, ecologic and stylish flooring. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is removed from the trunk by hand without ever damaging the tree. Every year a new bark grows making it a renewable and sustainable resource. The exclusive natural qualities of cork make it ideal to use in flooring as it reduces sound, provides an optimal floor temperature throughout the year and is comfortable to walk on.

Wicanders, the worldwide market leader of cork flooring, places nature on the starting point for a better future, investigating and creating flooring solutions that, without affecting the environment, ensure a higher quality of life.

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